This sweet sibling Winnetka newborn session is near and dear to my heart. They’ve been our neighbors for the past four years. Well, they were our neighbors until their very recent move. They had their beautiful baby boy on a Tuesday and moved away to Wisconsin the following Friday. (Can you imagine!?!) We loved getting to know them over the years. It was always fun to run into them at the park and exchange a quick “hello.”

Their older daughter, Nora, is just a few months older than my first and they get along great. Nora is as sweet as she can be with her new baby brother. She was so gentle and interested in him. She’s got that special, big-sister touch. Not only that, but she’s got a little smile that can light up a room. And he was equally as dreamy to work with. I love newborns for their super-cozy, sleepy demeanor. He was content to be swaddled up and moved from here to there, occasionally giving us an involuntary grin or opening his eyes for a moment. Perhaps his most noteworthy feature is his awesome hair! He has so much of it and it’s perfect.

The whole family is as gentle and kind as they appear to be in the photos. I love having families (it’s a special bonus when they’re friends) come into my studio. A nice clean backdrop really helps draw the eye to the beautiful people be showcased in each image, and this is certainly a family worth showcasing.

Lindsay Family, thank you for allowing me to be the North Shore photographer for this sweet sibling Winnetka newborn session. My goodness, you have such a beautiful family, and we will miss seeing your kind, familiar faces around the neighborhood. Of course I don’t blame you for moving closer to family as you welcome your second bundle of joy, but know that we are sad to see you go. I hope these photos are something you’ll treasure for years to come! Let us know if you’re ever back in the area!

Mother and Father with Newborn Son - Sweet Sibling Winnetka Newborn Session Family of Four Posing in Studio Session - Sweet Sibling Winnetka Newborn Session Big sister with her newborn brother - Sweet Sibling Winnetka Newborn Session Newborn Sleeping on Soft Surface - Sweet Sibling Winnetka Newborn Session Smiling newborn in a swaddle - Sweet Sibling Winnetka Newborn Session

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