I could write a book about my feelings toward this family, and so being their North Shore Newborn Photographer was such a special opportunity. Miss Quinn came into the world at 27.5 weeks and was in the NICU for a long 12 weeks. (12 weeks!!) She fought to be here, fought to stay healthy, and came out of the hospital a warrior. (A very cute, snuggly, and absolutely beautiful little warrior.)

Her parents went through something that a small percentage of people have to face. The daily triumphs that they shared together brought this family of four to a place that simply cannot be penetrated. They shed tears of sadness, fear, and unimaginable joy as they watched their tiny miracle baby fight her way home and into their lives. And, wow. She is perfect, beautiful, and a shining light.

Everything about this session was wonderful. This sweet, blissfully-unaware sleeping baby was a dream to work with. (And she is certainly the star of the show in this session.) It is obvious that this family has a special bond. They were so genuinely happy to be together and enjoying this milestone of all being home together. And goodness, gracious—have you ever seen such a happy and smiley big brother? He was so proud to be able to share his home with his much-anticipated baby sister.

Nesser family, I couldn’t be happier for you guys. What a lovely family of four you are! I’m so grateful you chose me to be your North Shore Newborn Photographer for this session. Thank you for having me in your home to get a glimpse of your family’s dynamic. It’s obvious in the photos that you are over the moon to all be back together and settled at home. I would bet Quinn is too. I hope these photos are a beautiful reminder of this very joyful piece of your family’s story. Welcome to the world, baby Quinn.

Collage of family sitting together on the couch - North Shore Newborn PhotographerCollage of newborn baby laying on bed and baby feet - North Shore Newborn PhotographerCollage of mother holding her swaddled baby - North Shore Newborn PhotographerCollage of baby swaddled on a bed - North Shore Newborn PhotographerCollage of family sitting together on bed and near a window - North Shore Newborn PhotographerCollage of big brother with his newborn baby sister - North Shore Newborn PhotographerCollage of mother with her newborn daughter -North Shore Newborn PhotographerCollage of father with his newborn daughter - North Shore Newborn Photographer

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