Lincoln Square Family Session: Teenager Edition Featuring the Surin Family

February 6, 2018

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Hello 13! This was such a fun Lincoln Square family session to photograph. I remember turning 13. It really felt like a big deal as a young girl. It’s not very often that I get to photograph older kids, and so this lovely, confident 13 year old and her parents was a welcomed change in pace. When I asked them what they hoped to get out of the session, mom’s response was “we have no pictures, let’s take some.” So that is exactly what we did.

Don’t you think this family is just beautiful? Their daughter is so photogenic and took some really stunning photographs. I liked the outfit she chose, and she really acted so grown up during the session. (Again, I’m used to having to work around wiggle worms and busting out Tonka Trucks as distraction tools, so her poised nature was a nice change.) She was full of grace and it really shines through in the pictures.

You can tell this sweet family of three is a close one. Their family photos really turned out beautifully and you can tell how genuinely happy they are to be together. There was lots of sincere grinning and laughter throughout the session. Not only that, but they made some really great wardrobe choices that will help the photos age nicely.

Surin Family, thank you for coming to me for your Lincoln Square family session. I hope that you’ll be able to look back on this day fondly and be thankful to have this time in your life documented. It was really fun to be able to photograph the teenage milestone! It’s an important season in life for your sweet young lady and I’m so glad you chose to remember it with this fun, sweet teenage photography session. I hope you’re as pleased with how your family photos turned out as I am.

A teenage girl poses for photos on a gravel path - Lincoln Square Family Session A family photo taken in front of bushes - Lincoln Square Family Session A teenaged girl poses with her parents - Lincoln Square Family Session Teenager poses on a fence - Lincoln Square Family Session


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