Lincoln Park Session with the Garro Family

December 8, 2017

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This is the second session I’ve had with this sweet (and adorable!) family. It turned out to be the perfect evening for this Lincoln Park Family Photographer and her clients. Actually, things started out differently than we’d hoped. This sweet mama called me panicked, saying that her daughter had been exposed to Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (ick, yuck, ouch!) by her friend who had been over that weekend and came down with it. It was so kind and considerate for her to think of me and give me a heads up, but since she didn’t have any symptoms yet, we trudged forward. And man, I am SO happy we did. It was a gorgeous evening and the pictures are just beautiful. (For those of you wondering, little E never end up getting it. Shwew!)

What beautiful memories they’ll have from the park that day. I love this location. I actually shoot here a lot because it really provides such a simple and beautiful backdrop for photos. There’s room for running and playing, and it gives us plenty of variety with the different paths and plant life throughout the park.

Little E and her parents are just so cute together. Her little searsucker dress paired with those little gold sandals is just too cute, don’t you think? Watching a kiddo this age run and play, trying to entice her parents into a game of tag has such a beautiful innocence about it. Add in her sparkling brown, wide eyes, and the it really just brings the whole session together.

Garro Family, thank you for allowing me to be your Lincoln Park Family Photographer. I’m so glad that we got to spend the evening together despite the Hand Foot and Mouth scare (and I’m even happier to know that your sweet little girl never ended up getting it). Your family really photographs beautifully, and you’re just a beautiful to be around. I hope these photos are something your family holds onto and cherishes for years to come!

Family posing together in a field of flowers - Lincoln Park Family PhotographerFamily with little girl talking together in park - Lincoln Park Family PhotographerToddler girl with her mother and father - Lincoln Park Family PhotographerLittle girl holding yellow flowers in the park - Lincoln Park Family PhotographerLittle girl playing near wooden fence - Lincoln Park Family PhotographerLittle girl playing near fence - Lincoln Park Family PhotographerLittle girl running down dirt path - Lincoln Park Family Photographer

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