Friendly Home and Garden Session – Levy Family

November 29, 2017

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This family has really become a very special client of mine, so being their Lake Forest Family Photographer was a real pleasure. I’ve known the stunning Levy family since little Ethan (who just turned five) was in his mama’s belly! A lot has changed for us over five years. I’m so very excited to not only be this family’s photographer, but their friend. I really cherish the relationships I make in this industry. When clients turn into true friendships, it’s such a special thing.

How beautiful is this family? They always come polished, dressed to perfection, and they’re just plain gorgeous to photograph. The venue for this session is the home of her mom’s best friend. The grounds are just breathtaking with so much backdrop variety all in one place. I loved the architecture of the home. The arched windows and the meticulously laid stairways made for some really timeless looking images. The actual gardens and grounds are very well kept (think english garden) making it a really serene and naturally beautiful place to work.

These four are such beautiful subjects to photograph. They have such soft and welcoming smiles while having such a poised and stately elegance. Each and every one of them are so photogenic. It’s hard to pick my favorites for these because you just really don’t get a bad shot of them. And these two dark-haired kiddos are just the sweetest. I love the images of them together. You can tell they are really enamored with each other. He loves being her big brother and she is just in love with him. Such a sweet little duo. In fact, Ruby and my daughter, Reese, are a mere six weeks apart in age, and it is so fun to see their similarities in being the younger sisters.

Levy family, thank you for allowing me to be your Lake Forest Family Photographer once again. It never gets old. It is so much fun to watch your family and children grow and change over time. I’m so grateful that our paths crossed five years ago. I adore these photos and hope you do too. They are classic and timeless and your family is absolutely stunning!

Little boy and girl look out a gate, daughter looks up at mother - Lake Forest Family PhotographerFamily picture together in english style garden - Lake Forest Family PhotographerYoung boy in blue shirt posing near front door - Lake Forest Family PhotographerLittle girl in pink dress posing on bench and step - Lake Forest Family PhotographerBrother and sister posting together on patio - Lake Forest Family PhotographerMother posing in garden with young son and daughter - Lake Forest Family PhotographerFamily portrait together in a backyard garden setting - Lake Forest Family PhotographerYoung boy posing near pillar - Lake Forest Family PhotographerFamily posing together on stone stairs - Lake Forest Family Photographer

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