Mother & Son Moments {Chicago Family Photography} {A Mother’s Day Session}

April 10, 2014

a family affair, chicago child photographer

This family is very special to me. There are some people who come into your life and you instantly connect – that is how I feel about the L family. This sweet, adorable little boy was welcomed into the world September, 2012, and has been a beacon of joy ever since. He has a smile that makes your heart melt from a mile away. He’s kind, funny, sweet, innocent and a dream to be around. They were nice enough to let me spend time with them last Sunday afternoon, capturing some mother-son moments. The relationship between a mother and her son is so special and oftentimes, not captured without the father present (no offense fathers… you are special too). But when Dad isn’t in the room and a Mother is just spending the day with her son, laughing and playing, magic is released. There are shy moments, tender moments, times of pure energy and chaos and every moment in between.

The two below have such a special bond. As a child photographer, the relationship that the parents have with their children is what makes or breaks a photograph. Sure, a smiling family picture is wonderful and one that everyone adores – but the moments that aren’t planned, aren’t timed or hoped for are the ones that make my heart sing. When parents take the pressure off of their kids to “perform” and “smile” and let their children just be themselves is when the image becomes more than a pretty picture and becomes a slice in time, a memory that embodies everything that defines what family is.

Every mother deserves some frozen memories to remember their relationship with their child.


a mother and son look out the windowa mother kisses her sixteen month old son on the cheeka mother and son cozy up in front of the windowa son stands on his mother's back smilinga sixteen month old boy smiles for the cameraa mother an son play together behind window shuttersa mother and son play behind the shutters of a windowa little boy looks out the window wishing to playa little boy gives the camera a big heart melting smilea mother and son look out the window together waiting for spring

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