Chicago Studio Newborn Session – Baby Kapnik

June 26, 2017

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Some traditions never die. Like the love you share for your college with fellow alum. (GoRedhawks!). I met this sweet baby’s lovely mommy back when we were both at Miami University (Love and Honor). It was an absolute honor to be asked to photograph her new bundle of joy. I’ll never get tired of photographing newborns and families, but it is a really special occasion when I get to photograph old friends, and so this Chicago Studio Newborn Session was very special to me.

To make things even better, her husband walked into the studio and said, “I think we have some mutual friends!” Turns out he went to college with one of my closest childhood friends and that really set the tone and mood for the entire session. The floodgate of memories was open and we were off to the races. What a fun family to photograph. They were easy to be around and chat with and it made the whole newborn session feel relaxed and friendly.

These two have taken to this parenting gig like a fish to water. They were beaming with delight as they looked at their new addition, and it was as if they were really present. They seemed to be soaking in every moment as I captured photograph after gorgeous photograph of this delightful family in the studio that day.

Kapnik family, thank you for reaching out to me for this Chicago Studio Newborn Session. It was so refreshing to see you again and to be reminded of wonderful childhood memories (much to my surprise). Most of all, it was an honor to photograph you and your gorgeous new baby. What a fabulous family you are. Your baby has really landed in the midst of two wonderful and loving parents. Best wishes to your beautiful family, she really is one absolutely breathtaking baby girl!

Collage of a sleeping swaddled newborn - Chicago Studio Newborn PhotographerSleeping Newborn - Chicago Studio Newborn SessionNewborn sleeping on pillow, basket, and swaddle - Chicago Studio Newborn SessionSleeping newborn, yawning newborn, and newborn feet - Chicago Studio Newborn SessionSleeping newborn in swaddle and newborn feet - Chicago Studio Newborn SessionNew mom holding newborn, family with newborn, yawning newborn - Chicago Studio Newborn SessionMom holding newborn, family picture with newborn, dad holding newborn - Chicago Studio Newborn Session

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