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March 16, 2017

chicago lifestyle photographer

Lifestyle newborn sessions have my heart. It’s true. Newborns in general are hard not to love; but there is something about being with new parents, in their home, that makes my heart sing. I think it is the aspect of my clients being comfortable, and allowing me to incorporate aspects of who they are into their photos. It also helps when working with siblings, letting those siblings be in their comfort zone. It is completely overwhelming becoming a big brother/sister, and they need all the help that they can get.

I’ve had the privilege this winter of meeting a number of little bundles in their new home. It’s been a mild winter, and the sun has been beautifully shining, giving such wonderful light to work with. As a mother myself, I’ve realized that with studio sessions, you love one or two photos of your baby, posed and cute all squished up. But, when you have a session in your home, it’s hard not to love every single one. The laughs, snuggles, in-between candid, simple moments. Lifestyle newborn sessions are all about celebrating you, your family, and who you are. They are real, raw and timeless. I love creating beautiful albums with each lifestyle session, gifting a beautiful slice of time that happens oh so fast.

Here is a gorgeous session I did on Valentine’s day this year, of a beautiful, new, family of four. They were wonderful to work with, and I think the images speak for themselves…




a family of four on their bed looking at their babya new family of fourteeny tiny baby toesa radiant mother and her new daughtera gorgeous mother holding her baby in a bay windowa Dad holds his newborn daughtera perfect little newborn girl in a bay windowa newborn girl asleep in a pink wrapa big brother hugging his new sistera sweet baby girl asleep in a pink bonnet

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