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Toddler Siblings – What I Didn’t Expect

Toddler siblings…my kiddos are 22 months apart. That is 5 years closer than my brother and I, so I really had no idea what to expect of their relationship. My brother and I have spent some years being closer than others give the large age gap. When I was learning how to read for example, […]

February 27, 2018

sibling toddlers play with hearts

chicago family photographer

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Pure White Chicago Lifestyle Newborn Photos

As a Chicago lifestyle newborn photographer, you know what makes my heart flutter? NEUTRALS! I know it sounds super boring, but monochromatic imagery when documenting a newborn baby makes me so happy. If that mix of colors happens to be whites – even better! I know it sounds lame and dull, but Chicago lifestyle newborn […]

February 21, 2018

in home chicago lifestyle newborn photos

chicago baby photographer, chicago family photographer, Chicago lifestyle newborn photographer

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Bright and Warm fall photos in Lincoln Square – Lettye Walsh Family

This adorable trio is so special to me. They’re good friends of mine, and as I’ve said over and over again, it is always such a special thing to photograph friends. I met this awesome couple way back in the day when we all went to Miami together. Little Miss Caroline was born last November. […]

February 9, 2018

A family posing together for family photos on a gravel path - Bright and Warm fall photos in Lincoln Square

Bright and Warm fall photos in Lincoln Square, chicago family photographer, lincoln park family photographer, Lincoln Park Family Session

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Lincoln Square Family Session: Teenager Edition Featuring the Surin Family

Hello 13! This was such a fun Lincoln Square family session to photograph. I remember turning 13. It really felt like a big deal as a young girl. It’s not very often that I get to photograph older kids, and so this lovely, confident 13 year old and her parents was a welcomed change in […]

February 6, 2018

A teenage girl poses for a photo on a fence - Lincoln Square Family Session

chicago family photographer, Chicago Family Session, Lincoln Square Family Session, Sweet Teenage Photography Session

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Beautiful Fall Session in Winnetka North Shore

I love sessions like these. I had the absolute pleasure of being the Winnetka family photographer for a long-time friend and past coworker. This radiant mama and I used to to work together many moons ago when I was at Jim Beam. She has moved about four times since then, but now she’s back and […]

February 2, 2018

Family smiles together on a gravel road - Winnetka Family Photographer

chicago family photographer, winnemac family session, Winnetka Family Photographer

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