Bucktown Family Photographer – Hoekstra Family

June 30, 2017

Bucktown Family Photographer, chicago family photographer

One of the things that I’ve grown to love the most in my career as a Bucktown family photographer are repeat clients, and the Hoekstra family is one of my favorite Bucktown families to capture. I started photographing their precious family moments when their (now three year old!) son was born. What a sweet baby and lovely new family they were all of those years ago! I’ve had the privilege of watching their family grow and evolve into who they are today, and I’ve loved every chance I’ve had at interacting with them. This session was no different as we got to celebrate the milestone of baby brother turning one. My how quickly time flies!

To put it frankly, I am in awe of how beautiful they are. They’re one of those infectiously wonderful families to be around. When you watch this family interact, parenting seems to come naturally, and their children are equally as charming. They’re incredibly well behaved, full of life and smiles, and gorgeous on all counts. Needless to say, they are a dream to work with for this Bucktown family photographer!

Sidewalk sessions are often overlooked. I don’t know, maybe people think they’re boring or unremarkable, but having photos taken in their own neighborhood where the kids were in familiar territory made for a fun family session. The streets that the kids play in and ride through every day made for a picturesque backdrop and relaxed time spent together. I’m certain that these family photos will be cherished for years to come. They will serve as a beautiful reminder of a wonderful childhood and countless sweet memories made in the neighborhood that they call home.

Thank you, Hoekstra Family, for allowing me to join in on the family fun! Here’s to many more happy birthdays to come! I can’t wait to watch your children grow over the years. Sessions like these make make me proud to be a Bucktown Family Photographer.

Family with dog, and mother holding young son - Bucktown Family PhotographerYoung boy, family picture with two sons, mother holding young child - Bucktown Family PhotographerToddler sitting on the ground, young boy laughing at camera - Bucktown Family PhotographerFamily in front of graffiti wall, young bothers hug, mom and dad holding toddler's hands - Bucktown Family PhotographerCollage of dad with each of his two young sons - Bucktown Family PhotographerLittle boy with hands on his hips - Bucktown Family PhotographerCollage of mother posing with her two young sons - Bucktown Family PhotographerCollage of family with their dog, young son, and mother with her two young sons - Bucktown Family Photographer

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