A Mother-Son Wilmette Beach Session – Dyer Family

October 31, 2017

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I couldn’t be more obsessed with this photo session. You know I love my family sessions. I love seeing each family’s dynamic and photographing their interactions, but this Wilmette Beach Session was its own special thing. Sometimes a mom deserves a little alone time with their baby on the other side of the lens. Don’t get me wrong, dads are great and all. But let’s be real, moms are ALWAYS the ones behind the camera taking the pictures. So what could be more precious than capturing beautiful images of her.

Actually, just the other day I was looking through some family photos. I was trying to see which of my kids looked most like me when I was their age, and I was struck by the number of pictures that my mom wasn’t in. In fact, the one album I looked through didn’t have even one picture of her. She was surely the one taking all of these treasured photos, but man I wish I could see how young she looked when I was two. So, the lesson here, is “Mamas!!! Force your way into the frame!! Your babies will appreciate it down the road and I bet you will too.” I digress.

This sweet mother-son photo session was an absolute dream. We got RIDICULOUS weather. It was 85 and sunny in September and so we took advantage by going to Gilson Beach. This location is perfect thanks to its dreamy light that pours through the trees at golden hour, and it shows off in these photos. The icing on the cake is the giant sand and water playground that makes any two year old’s dreams come true!

This mother and son made this simple Wilmette Beach Session quite stunning. It’s simple, but it speaks volumes of love and beauty in each photograph. These two have such a special bond. I think any mother would value photos with her precious babies, and she really seemed to be enjoying her time playing at the water’s edge with her sweet little guy.

Dyer family, thanks for spending part of your day with me at the beach. I’m so glad that you took the opportunity to have these special photos made, and I know they’ll be a joy to look back on over the years to come.

Collage of mother and son posing together on a beach - Wilmette Beach SessionCollage of mother and son playing near trees on the sand - Wilmette Beach SessionCollage of little boy playing in the sand near trees - Wilmette Beach SessionCollage of little boy playing in the sand - Wilmette Beach SessionCollage of mother and son playing on the beach - Wilmette Beach SessionCollage of mother and son at the water's edge - Wilmette Beach Session

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